Designer Account Request Form

Are you a designer? Create your Zone designer account now and benefit from a 10% discount applicable on your purchases.

The designer discount of 10% will be applicable to your purchases and will be kept with your customer file. The discount is applicable on regular priced items only; in the case of a sale item, the highest discount will be applied. Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or sale.

Complete the form below to request the opening of your designer account. A representative will respond to you shortly to confirm its opening and configure your designer discount in our system. This discount only applies to purchases made in-store or through a Zone representative.

This discount is applicable to professionals only. It is possible to add several contacts or employees under the same company name. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to bill to a name other than those registered (e.g. designer's client). Zone stores reserve the right to request a proof of identity to approve to apply the discount.

Ex: 555-435-1234